Can I Know Exactly What is in the Pallet I’m Purchasing?

Most transactions made in this kind of industry are made ‘blind’ (i.e. a manifested list of exactly what the pallet and/or truckload contains is not provided).

Certain department stores often do provide a manifest when we purchasing truckloads from them but more often then not, manifests are not available, or are only available with the truck once we receive it.

When it comes to Pallet sales, the very large majority of pallets do not have a manifest and the only way we can provide one is by individually going through the pallet and manifesting each item inside – whence ourselves, and others in this industry do not and cannot provide exact manifests.

Alternatively, we do provide approximate piece counts and value of each pallet when this information is available to us.

We do also provide pictures of current or past loads and descriptions for each pallet/load that we offer.

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