How are Average Values & Piece Counts Calculated?

Depending on the type of Pallet/listing – the average value and piece count is taken by dividing the total piece count and value of the truckload we purchased and then dividing it by the number of pallets. E.g. If we purchase a Hardware Load of say 10 pallets – we know that the total wholesale value of the load is $20,000 and the total piece count in the load is say 3,000pcs – if we divide that by the number of pallets – in this example 10 pallets, then we determine that the average piece count is 300pcs per pallet and the average wholesale value is say $2,000 per pallet.

The piece count is pretty clear cut – but in order for us to express an average Retail value, and then depending on the type of items (e.g. Electronics have a smaller Mark-up from wholesale to Retail and clothes have the largest Mark-up) we would “Mark-Up” the wholesale value as best and accurately as we can in order to express the average Retail Value of the pallet – in this case $2,000 wholesale value would be expressed say as between $3,000 to $4,000 Retail Value.

Please note – this is not an exact science – and also assumes that each pallet in the load has more or less the same value and piece count – which is generally but not always the case.

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