How Much is Shipping?

Shipping cost depend on the following:

(i) What type of pallet/listing you are purchasing

(ii) How many pallets/listing you are purchasing

(iii) Where we are delivering i.e. to a business or a residential address and whether you need a lift-gate or not (see question below for more info on lift-gate)

Typically speaking lift-gate charges are more or less fixed at $35 and delivery to a residence is fixed at $45. Customers who do not have a business where we can deliver the pallet to can save the residential charge by opting to pick-up the pallets at their nearest terminal. Some listings e.g. watches, costume jewelry, clothing etc. can be shipped by UPS making the type of location we are delivering to irrelevant.

Generally speaking, the cost to ship one pallet ranges from $90 – $200 and varies according to weight and contents of the pallet. Shipping subsequent pallets is considerably cheaper – especially if shipping to a residence. Truckload shipping is calculated based on mileage and usually ranges between $1.00/mile to $2.00/mile with a minimum charge of $350.

More information about shipping costs here.

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