What are Overstocks & Shelf Pulls?

Overstocks and shelf pulls typically refers to merchandise that has never been purchased by a customer, but are considered excess inventory from store shelves and/or warehouses.

Overstocks will typically be in good selling condition, and will have some of the following characteristics:

  • Items may have price tags/retail or discount stickers on them
  • May show signs of handling
  • May be defaced/de-labeled (inner labels or tags removed to prevent return to the store)
  • A percentage of the items may be out of box or in open boxes
  • Short-dated or expired goods may be found in some pallets

In the vast majority of cases, new overstock goods require much less work than customer returns in terms of testing and repairing, but you should expect to have some checking work to do, as well as cleaning off potentially dusty items, removing price tags if necessary, before selling the items.

Another type of new overstock item in the industry is referred to as “Master Case Goods.” Master case goods signify goods that are 100% new and still in the original manufacturer’s exterior factory packaging. Via Trading does not deal with these items much, but we do occasionally have a few lots to offer which you would be able to find in the “new overstock” section of our website.

Please click here to read about seasonal overstocks and the investment opportunities they may present.

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