What is an OCL Shipment?

Ocean Container shipments are primarily used to ship large loads of merchandise outside of the United States and neighboring countries. OCL shipments costs are typically flat and based on original and destination of the goods.

Ocean shipments can take 14-60 days to reach their destination.

Containers are usually available in 2 sizes: 20’ and 40’. Sometimes, 45’ containers can also be available.

Hand-loading goods for container shipments is a good way to maximize the space used in the container, and lower your relative shipping costs. Hand-loading the merchandise can sometimes increase the capacity of the container by 2 or 3, as opposed to loading the merchandise on pallets.

Not all goods can be hand-loaded , however you should be aware of this and request it when possible.

Be aware of any unusual restrictions when importing goods- for example: wooden pallets are not allowed to be imported into Australia.

Be sure to communicate these restrictions to your vendor in case they are not aware of them.

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