Wholesale Dropshipping Services

Via Trading offers Wholesale Dropshipping services free of charge, to eBayers or other e-commerce vendors who sell to their customers in small or large lots.

Please note, we are wholesale dropshippers only– we cannot dropship one individual piece (like 1 phone or 1 pair of jeans). Our minimum order for dropshipping is 1 case, 1 pallet or 1 truckload of any merchandise of your choice that you see available on our website.

There is NO FEE for our wholesale drop shipping service.

The process is simple and outlined below. Please read this page if you are interested in having us wholesale drop ship for you, and feel free to email sales@viatrading.com should you have any questions.

dropshipping process
wholesale dropshipPlease register on our website or give us a call at 877-202-3616 (or +323-214-8914 if calling from overseas) to speak with an account manager who can set up an account for you.

wholesale dropshippingYou may take the pictures and descriptions of the merchandise you would like to sell from our website, and post them on your site or eBay store. (Please note: this only applies to pictures of merchandise. Our warehouse pictures are copyrighted and are solely for our use).

dropshippersList the wholesale lots on your site with as much detail as possible (speak with your account manager if you need more information about a particular lot). Copying and pasting our descriptions is a good way to avoid any misinformation. You are welcome to charge the price you wish, but we recommend a price that is higher than our lowest listed price (the price YOU pay), but still competitive with the market. Do some research prior to listing the lots to make sure you are not over or under pricing the items.

dropshipOnce you have a customer interested in one of the lots, please call or email us for a shipping quote to your customer’s exact address. Please do not take payment for the item or the shipping without first obtaining an accurate shipping quote. This is to make sure you do not lose money on the shipping, should the quote turn out higher than you had anticipated.

dropship wholesale lotsOnce your customer pays you for the goods and the payment has cleared, you can place the order with us online, by phone or by email. Be sure to include the shipping address of the customer, as well as the address/company name you would like to show on the paperwork as the “ship from” address. We will ship the merchandise with a blank packing list showing no trace of Via Trading.

drop ship palletsWe will then send you an invoice and you will be asked to remit payment. We accept payment by Credit Card, Paypal or Wire Transfer. Once the payment has been received the order will ship to your customer within 24-48 hours. We will email you a tracking number for the shipment which you will be welcome to send to your customer.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 877-202-3616 or email sales@viatrading.com.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to carefully read the descriptions of the items before selling them. Much of the merchandise we sell is Customer Returns, as-is, sold with no guarantee of functionality. Certain items will need to be worked and repaired, and some may need to be discarded. The idea is that your customer is paying such a small percentage of the value of the goods, that he/she can make profit on the items that DO work and the items which he/she will repair/restore.
In order to avoid complaints, it is VERY important that your customers understand this before purchasing customer returns. It is often a good idea to have them fill out a form stating that they understand the risks of purchasing as-is merchandise. We can help you with this if you need.

We do offer items which are New/Overstock, which will not have any damages. You can see those items on our website as well by clicking on “New/Overstock” in the “Shop by Condition” menu. Please click here if you would like to read more information about Conditions of Goods and what to expect when buying or selling such items.

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    The day that I decided to really help people get exactly what they want was the day that my business (and imcome) really took off. The more information I gave away for free, the more money people would spend on my products and services. It’s a valuable less and one I learned.

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