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Questions to Ask a New Potential Wholesale Supplier

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

When looking for a company to source merchandise from, it is important to do your research, know as much as you can about the business and how they operate, and be aware ahead of time of all purchasing procedures they employ.

The following checklist contains a sample of questions to ask when researching new suppliers. Make a phone call or send them an email asking them the following, and then review the answers you get from all your prospective suppliers to select the one(s) you prefer.

1) Please describe the condition of the goods I have expressed interest in

2) Do you broker the merchandise or is it warehoused in your own facility?

3) Can I visit your facility/warehouse to visually inspect the products?

4) Can you please give me a few customer references with phone numbers?

5) Do you have a refund policy? If so, what is it?

6) Do you have a return policy? If so, what is it?

7) What is your physical address? (it’s always a good idea to run the address through Google to make sure it is an actual warehouse location, if you want to know whether they warehouse their own goods or if you are dealing with a broker operating out of his/her house or apartment)

Other steps you can take to ensure you are dealing with a reputable business:

1) Verify them on the Better Business Bureau website

2) Check for any buyer complaints. also allows companies to respond to complaints. Take those into consideration as well. It is impossible to please every customer but if a company demonstrates that an effort was made to fix an unsatisfactory situation, this should tell you something about the way they work.

3) Check industry forums for complaints or testimonials

Inspired by “Wholesale Liquidations Exposed” 2010 Edition

Wholesale Lots of Guitar Hero, Band Hero & Other Wii, PS2/3 and XBox 360 Games!

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Just in!!

Wholesale lots of assorted customer return games for Wii, Play Station 2, XBox 360, Play Station 3 and more!

Each pallet will contain 42 games

Majority will be in original retail boxes, though some may come packed in brown boxes.

These are untested customer returns, sold AS-IS.

Please note the games do NOT come with software. The software will need to be purchased separately.

These wholesale lots will include a wide variety of games including Dance Dance Revolution for Wii, Band Hero, Tony Hawk Ride, DJ Hero, Chicken Blaster, Guitar Hero World Tour, Cebela’s Big Game Hunter and more!

Click on the picture below for more information:

wholesale guitar hero games

wholesale guitar hero games

Another Resale Channel: Liquidation Events!

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

In the past, we’ve talked about the types of resale channels available to sellers of liquidation merchandise and customer return products. If you missed the blog entry, check out this section of our website that describes resale channels:

Another way to resell liquidation merchandise is through Liquidation Events!

What are liquidation events?

Liquidation events, also known as liquidation sales events, are special one-day-only sales that you organize in a conference hall, hotel meeting room, warehouse, retail space or outdoor location where customers are invited to purchase liquidation merchandise for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Liquidation sales events work best with a sense of excitement and urgency: “Open today only for 8 hours!” This creates a sense of urgency for your buyers who will come in, rush around to shop and buy as many items as they can in the shortest amount of time possible, and call their friends/family/neighbors to come take advantage of the deals before the day is over.

How do you create excitement and urgency?

- Put a clock in a visible area where everyone can see it. Get a countdown clock if possible, that counts down from the moment you open until the time your sale is set to end.

- Arrange line dividers or safety cones to encourage customers to form a line before the doors open.

- Use marketing techniques that encourage urgency like: “Total liquidation!” “Warehouse Clean-Out” “Pricing at 80-90% OFF Retail!” “Doors open at 8 am and close at 5 pm!”

- Encourage people to buy quickly and without thinking. Set up your sale so that items in each area are all priced the same. For example “Everything on this rack $5!” If buyers do not have to calculate how much things cost and how much they can spend, they are likely to purchase more. A customer who walks in with $50 to spend will immediately look for 10 items rather than look at the selling price on each tag. This also saves you the hassle of labeling each item with a different price.

What other things should I keep in mind?

- Make sure you have enough people to help you if lines form at the cash register. The less customers have to wait in line, the better.

- Know your area and what sells best there. If you live in a town with a higher population of teenagers, make sure you purchase Junior’s clothing and accessories, or items that speak to the younger generation. The same applies if you live in a town with a higher population of elderly folk, or other populations.

- Advertise!! Use facebook and social media sites. Hand out flyers. Email your friends and family. Put up posters in your area advertising the sale. Use cheap yet effective means of advertising to get the word out.

Inspired by “Wholesale Liquidations Exposed” 2010 Revised Edition

Wholesale Buying Tip #1

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Wholesale buying tip #1: Start small! While you can save money by shipping multiple lots at one time, start slow to be sure you’re investing in the right merchandise for you. Get one or two pallets or case packs to test out the waters. Find a supplier near you where you can go pick up if possible to save on shipping, and slowly grow your purchases with your sales.