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I am looking to get into reselling liquidated products. If i bought into your company, I would hope for minimal damaged goods, as all I could do is sell for scrap at that point, and I’m not sure i could make a profit.

Can you tell me what would be my best bet on investing $250 or so, as to my possible profit? i may be able to move some of the nicer items on local channels or eBay. It really boils down to what percentage of the items are no longer usable.


Thank you for your message.

Let me first ask you a few questions-

  1. Have you resold consumer goods before?
  2. What resale channels do you plan on using? You mentioned eBay — is that it is do you sell at flea markets, yard sales, discount store or in another way?
  3. Where are you located? (This will determining your shipping costs and what products may be most appropriate for you).

It is true that a lot of our product is salvage/customer returns and will contain an unknown percentage of damaged items. When an item is damaged it doesn’t mean it has to be sold for scrap – many times it is just one component that is damaged or missing, or it is out of box but otherwise usable. That said, occasionally yes, you will have items that are indeed scrap-worthy or throw-away items.

I urge you to read this section of our website that outlines what to expect when purchasing customer returns versus overstocks: http://www.viatrading.com/category.jhtm?cid=453

We do however, have quite a large selection of NEW OVERSTOCK items  - items that were once on the shelves of a store but that were removed at the end of the season, or items that were discontinued, etc. In most cases these items are damage-free, although they may come with retail or “clearance” stickers on them that are usually easily removable and do not lower the resale value of the product.

Most of the new overstock items we have are in the categories of clothing, shoes, cosmetics, some general merchandise, accessories and electronic accessories. You can click on this link to see all the products on our website that are considered new overstock (much less risky purchases than potentially damaged customer returns): http://www.viatrading.com/category.jhtm?cid=124

We also have a section on our website dedicated to items that you can purchase for an investment of less than $250. These include some general merchandise, cosmetics and electronic accessories. See them here: http://www.viatrading.com/category.jhtm?cid=121

This is what I recommend: send us some more information about your experience with reselling merchandise and tell us how/where you plan to resell the items.

Based on that, we will be able to make recommendations of appropriate products that will sell well in your market and that will present the least risk until you build some capital.

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