What Are the Benefits of Buying Online Retailer Loads?

Have you ever purchased something online and then returned it because it wasn’t quite what you wanted?

Online retailer loads are some of the cleanest loads in the industry since in the majority of cases, people return items they buy online just after receiving them and finding out the item is not what they wanted.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you would most likely receive:

  • a higher percentage of working items than in a store return load
  • goods that are in overall better condition and generally retail-ready
  • items that are in their original brown shipping boxes, which provides an additional layer of protection for the retail packaging of the items that you don’t get with store returns

As a result, online retailer loads can be an excellent choice for business who sell their products online and in retail stores.

What benefits are there to buying online retailer loads?

  • They are typically FULLY MANIFESTED. You know what you’re getting and you can hand-pick the load you want based on what is inside, allowing you to make sure the items will be right for your business and your market.
  • They usually contain a WIDE VARIETY OF ITEMS. One of the tricky things about buying wholesale loads of merchandise is that often times, they will have a higher percentage of one type or category of item that may overload your inventory. A wide variety of items means you can offer more choices to your customers and provide them with a one-stop-shop to find all kinds of items they might need.
  • They are typically CLEANER THAN STORE RETURNS. While you may still need to test and/or repair certain items, the majority may be in unopened boxes, may contain all their parts and may be more resale-ready than store return loads. The less work you need to do, the faster you will start to turn a profit on your investment.
  • They are usually priced at a PERCENTAGE OF RETAIL VALUE. Since they are also manifested, you will know what the original retail value of each item was. This allows you to price your items more effectively, by showing your customers their savings over the original retail value. For example, you may have an item on the load with a $300 retail value. Assuming you paid around 30% of retail value on the load, you will have paid $90 for this item. You can price it at $200, showing your customer that he will be saving $100 off the original price, while you are more than doubling your investment.

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