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Affiliate Program

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Become a Part of Via Trading’s Surplus Affiliate Program Today and Start Making Money!!
Free and Easy!

Via Trading supplies overstock, customer return and liquidation merchandise at a fraction of their original cost. The goal of our Wholesale Affiliate Program is to drive as much traffic to our site as possible while rewarding the affiliates who pace our banners on their sites with a commission. There are hundreds of thousands of potential customers for this merchandise- the potential is unlimited and your commissions are uncapped! It’s easy and quick to set up, and it’ll keep bringing you returns while doing almost nothing!!

If you have a website, social networking page, blog or newsletter, you can easily join our overstock affiliate program and start earning commission on all sales driven to us through your site/mailing list/newsletter.
All you have to do is pick a banner, put it on your site and start driving traffic to
The more sales you drive our way, the more you make! It’s that simple.

It’s completely free and only takes minutes to set up!


Register on our website (you will not be approved as an affiliate until you have completed the free registration process at
Submit an Affiliate Application Form for our wholesale affiliate program
Get activated as an affiliate within 1 working day
Upon acceptance of your application, you will gain access to a restricted area of our site with a selection of banners and instructions on how to set one up on your site.
Set up a banner on your site and start driving traffic!
Log in to your account to track your commission 24/7 earned through our effective surplus affiliate program
Receive monthly commission checks!


When you are activated into our overstock affiliate program, you will be assigned a unique tracking code
Every banner or link you put on your site will contain this unique code
Customers sent to our website via your website will then be tracked using this unique code
For every order submitted by a customer that you have driven to our site, you will receive a commission.
(New customers only- existing customers who are already in our database and have already purchased from us do not apply).


* Affiliates will receive 5% Commission on every customer’s first order***

* Affiliates will receive 2% Commission for all subsequent orders shipped within 24 months following the first order

* Checks will be sent out monthly via US Post

* Orders accrue commission once they are paid in full and shipped

* If an order is returned or modified after shipment, commissions will be affected accordingly

* Commission is paid on the price of merchandise minus any discounts or vouchers used

* Commission is not paid on shipping amount or any sales tax amount.

* You may opt to redeem your commission for merchandise instead of receiving a check. If you do this, you will be awarded an additional 10% of your commission towards the merchandise of your choice!

IMPORTANT- Please note: Affiliates may not place the Via Trading banner on any page that mentions specific department store names, and cannot link to Via Trading’s site using specific store names. The Via banner can be on a page that states “designer brands, high end department stores, large department/retail stores,” but not specific store names or recognizable brands from such department stores.

To sign up for our wholesale affiliate program, please click the link below to fill out the read through our Affiliate Agreement and fill out the Affiliate Application Form.

If you have any questions about any step of the process, please email anytime.

Click Here to Join our Affiliate Program

*** The system will show 2% Commission on all orders. The 5% Commission on each first order will be manually adjusted shortly after the order is placed.

Liquidation Services

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

With our extensive customer base and knowledge of the liquidation industry, we are offering a series of liquidation services to vendors and customers who have excess inventory to move.

With over 15,000 customers nationwide and internationally, and a professional, energetic in-house sales force with a combined selling experience of over 100 years, Via Trading can be the right partner for you.

We can move a wide variety of consumer and commercial goods through our networks of customers and marketing channels.
From grocery or dollar store items to retail store fixtures and fittings– from brand new master case goods to defective merchandise, Via Trading can handle your liquidation needs if you are:

- Sitting on a small or large quantity of problem merchandise
- Looking to liquidate obsolete or slow-moving inventory
- Looking to clear a part of your inventory to free up warehouse or storage space

If any of these describe your situation, please read on and don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing anytime, or click here to fill out an offer submission form.

auction program
AUCTION PROGRAM — Sell your goods through our live auctions!

Every first Thursday of every month, Via Trading holds a well advertised outdoor live auction on our premises. Over 200 wholesale buyers attend and over 300 varying size wholesale lots are sold. Lots are sold with no reserve pricing and all lots sell.

For more information on selling goods through our auction, please click here.

You would ship your goods to us to be sold at our auction (goods must be visible in person during the auction to be sold).

consignment program
CONSIGNMENT PROGRAM — Free up your warehouse space and consign your merchandise to us for sale through our regular cash & carry warehouse and website sales.

Depending on the type of goods and our agreement, merchandise can be processed, sorted and/or inventorized as needed.

Our professional processing team at Via Trading can process and prepare the goods for sale in the most efficient manner to recuperate the highest possible return for the goods. Merchandise can either be sold as one lot or broken down to be sold in smaller lots.

Our Marketing Team Can:

* Photograph the inventory
* Prepare sales sheets and presenters
* Create and upload website ad for the items
* Prepare email blasts that will go to over 50,000 opt-in wholesale buyers

Merchandise can be sold and listed through our cash & carry warehouse and our website which receives over 40,000 unique visitors a month.

Rates vary from 25% to 50% depending on the type of goods and processing work involved in preparing the merchandise. Minimum recovery rates can be set and mutually agreed on in advance.

broker program

If shipping to us is prohibitive because of distance or other factors, we can still advertise and liquidate your goods and have them shipped directly from your warehouse.

An agreement will be signed and the merchandise will need to be placed on an exclusive hold with us for a period of 30 to 90 days depending on the merchandise and volume.

Merchandise can be sold as one lot or as several smaller lots depending on the goods.

Via Trading can arrange shipping directly from your warehouse to our customer.

Our Marketing Team Can:

* Photograph the inventory
* Prepare sales sheets and presenters
* Create and upload website ad for the items
* Prepare email blasts that will go to over 50,000 opt-in wholesale buyers

Minimum recovery rates can be set and mutually agreed upon in advance.

If you would like to send us offers for consideration, please click here.

Wholesale Dropshipping Services

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Via Trading offers Wholesale Dropshipping services free of charge, to eBayers or other e-commerce vendors who sell to their customers in small or large lots.

Please note, we are wholesale dropshippers only– we cannot dropship one individual piece (like 1 phone or 1 pair of jeans). Our minimum order for dropshipping is 1 case, 1 pallet or 1 truckload of any merchandise of your choice that you see available on our website.

There is NO FEE for our wholesale drop shipping service.

The process is simple and outlined below. Please read this page if you are interested in having us wholesale drop ship for you, and feel free to email should you have any questions.

dropshipping process
wholesale dropshipPlease register on our website or give us a call at 877-202-3616 (or +323-214-8914 if calling from overseas) to speak with an account manager who can set up an account for you.

wholesale dropshippingYou may take the pictures and descriptions of the merchandise you would like to sell from our website, and post them on your site or eBay store. (Please note: this only applies to pictures of merchandise. Our warehouse pictures are copyrighted and are solely for our use).

dropshippersList the wholesale lots on your site with as much detail as possible (speak with your account manager if you need more information about a particular lot). Copying and pasting our descriptions is a good way to avoid any misinformation. You are welcome to charge the price you wish, but we recommend a price that is higher than our lowest listed price (the price YOU pay), but still competitive with the market. Do some research prior to listing the lots to make sure you are not over or under pricing the items.

dropshipOnce you have a customer interested in one of the lots, please call or email us for a shipping quote to your customer’s exact address. Please do not take payment for the item or the shipping without first obtaining an accurate shipping quote. This is to make sure you do not lose money on the shipping, should the quote turn out higher than you had anticipated.

dropship wholesale lotsOnce your customer pays you for the goods and the payment has cleared, you can place the order with us online, by phone or by email. Be sure to include the shipping address of the customer, as well as the address/company name you would like to show on the paperwork as the “ship from” address. We will ship the merchandise with a blank packing list showing no trace of Via Trading.

drop ship palletsWe will then send you an invoice and you will be asked to remit payment. We accept payment by Credit Card, Paypal or Wire Transfer. Once the payment has been received the order will ship to your customer within 24-48 hours. We will email you a tracking number for the shipment which you will be welcome to send to your customer.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 877-202-3616 or email

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to carefully read the descriptions of the items before selling them. Much of the merchandise we sell is Customer Returns, as-is, sold with no guarantee of functionality. Certain items will need to be worked and repaired, and some may need to be discarded. The idea is that your customer is paying such a small percentage of the value of the goods, that he/she can make profit on the items that DO work and the items which he/she will repair/restore.
In order to avoid complaints, it is VERY important that your customers understand this before purchasing customer returns. It is often a good idea to have them fill out a form stating that they understand the risks of purchasing as-is merchandise. We can help you with this if you need.

We do offer items which are New/Overstock, which will not have any damages. You can see those items on our website as well by clicking on “New/Overstock” in the “Shop by Condition” menu. Please click here if you would like to read more information about Conditions of Goods and what to expect when buying or selling such items.

Via Trading In-House Services

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

If you click on the video below, you can watch an actual virtual tour of our warehouse from the perspective of a walk-in customer!

Experience Via Trading from the moment you walk in the door, to checking out our showroom and walking through the warehouse!

Here are some of the amenities we offer on-site:

  • Own merchandise pickup — If you have a pickup truck, u-haul or minivan and want to take your goods with you on the day of purchase, not a problem! Our warehouse team will help you load you up! Or if you prefer to arrange pick up with your own shipping company, you are free to do so!
  • Internet Kiosks — if you need to check your email, transfer funds for your purchase, research goods, look up some merchandise retail prices or read a manifest on our website, we have free internet machines available for you to use in our resource center.
  • Free Coffe, Tea/Hot Chocolate — Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed Wolfgang Puck coffee while you wait for your account manager or your merchandise!
  • Kids’ Playroom — If you visit our warehouse in a group with children and someone from your party is available to supervise the kids, we have a fully furnitured and accessorized play room to entertain them while the rest of your party shops!
  • Vending Machines carrying a variety of snacks and drinks to hold you over if you have a long drive ahead of or behind you!
  • Three meetings rooms for convenient conferencing or discussing any deals in a private environment.

  • ATM on site for your convenience!
  • Over 300 parking spots available! You’ll never have to walk far when visiting us!
  • Reduced Mobility Scooter– Want to come visit us but can’t walk long distances? Worry not! We have a reduced mobility scooter available to borrow for those who need moility assistance while touring the warehouse.
  • Forms & Flyers — grab an informational flyer on Via Trading and the products we carry and events we host to refresh your memory after you leave. Pick up a Flea Market Flyer for hints & tips on how to sell successfully at flea markets, or pick up a California Reseller’s Permit application that you can fill out and send to the Board of Equilization to obtain your permit, if you need one.
  • Projector and Warehouse Signage! While browsing through our warehouse, you will always know what specials are going on, how much things cost and the descriptions of the items you’re looking at thanks for our 8-foot wide projection screen and our one-of-a-kind signage system guiding you throughout your visit of our warehouse.
  • Plasma TVs — While in our waiting area or showroom, take a look at the plasma screens all over the walls. They tell you about new arrivals, screen our multimedia presentation, and show you the pallets that will be up for auction at our next Live Auction.

via trading computer kiosks

We hope to welcome you to our warehouse in the near future, but if you can’t make it, we are always here for you on the phone, by email, or through the contact forms on our website!