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Via Trading on KTLA Part 2!

Friday, January 7th, 2011


Via Trading on KTLA Morning News!

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Check us out tomorrow on KTLA Channel 5 morning news with Allie Mac Kay from 5:15 am to 7:30 am!

Wholesale Supplier on Video for your Viewing Pleasure!

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Check out Via Trading’s new videos, just produced! All 6 of them can be seen on our youtube page at Here’s a sneak peak of our 3 minute “about us” video!

Via Trading Wholesale Supplier – Company Profile Short

December Customer of the Month – Jacek Maksymiuk of

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010


Jacek Maksymiuk of Bank of Style and Marta Maksymiuk –

Our December Customer of the Month, Jacek Maksymiuk of Bank of Style started selling cosmetics online as a hobby when he was 15 years old and turned it into a veritable profit-generating business. At the time, he was looking for a way to make a little extra spending money and fell in love with the products he sold – clean, great smelling beauty products that were as attractive to his customers as they were to him. Years later, he and his wife have established two online businesses selling beauty products primarily to customers Central and Eastern Europe.

“We have two businesses selling beauty products – Bank of Style and Marta We focus solely on online sales and focus our efforts on exporting the products to Europe where many of our Central Europe customers take advantage of the strong Euro to US Dollar exchange rates.”

Unlike many straight-resellers, the Maksymiuk couple has their own home-made line of beauty products – soaps, scrubs, lip care, bath and body items. “We have a passion for manufacturing all natural beauty products, and we supplement those with additional sales of brand name, well-known beauty products and cosmetics.”

Across his two websites, Maksymiuk has over 250 listings selling at any given time. “The more items you have listed, the bigger your reach. Customers are often looking for multiple types of products and the more we can offer them in one place, the better it is for us.”

Maksymiuk creates his own products which takes care of about half of his sourcing needs. The other half he sources from several different wholesale liquidators. “I work with may different suppliers. I’m always searching for a combination of quality and great prices,” he states.
Sourcing from various different companies allows him to keep expanding the variety of products he offers his clients and allows him to shop for the best prices around.
“It does take some research and there definitely is a risk factor,” he says. “I do my research and try out a new supplier slowly, with small orders at first. I’m picky because in the beauty product business, every piece counts in order for me to make a profit. I always rate a supplier based on the quantity of items ordered versus the number that actually get delivered, the mix of colors I receive, the expiration dates on the products and their overall condition.”

While it’s important to gauge the overall quality of the items received, Maksymiuk does operate with realistic expectations based on his experience in the liquidation industry. “I would say that 30% of what I purchase needs to be thrown out. This of course, depends on the supplier but overall that is the percentage. That’s why it’s important for me to look at quality and price so that I can make a profit despite any throw-away items.”

While it is typically recommended to try to repair or refurbish any damaged/diry items to try and resell them for maximum return, in the cosmetics business Maksymiuk believes that it is counter-productive. “The time you spend trying to repair broken/damaged cosmetics isn’t worth the return you get on them. We just throw those items out and try to make our profit on the ones that are good.” This means that not every single purchase will be profitable.

In this business, like many others, profit margins are based on volume of sales. Not every purchase will be as profitable as the next but over time and with perseverance, sellers usually come out on top. Maksymiuk explains that he “would generally expect 40%+ of profit margin from any given lot, however in the makeup business there are many slow-mover items or items that simply don’t sell. Unfortunately I lose money sometimes in order to make money on something else. It’s a long-term numbers game.”

In order to increase his overall profits from a business that is relatively low-margin (as cosmetic items are small and lower in value than say, high end electronics), Maksymiuk began to wholesale his products as well. “Offering them in bulk lots allows me to move more product to generate cash flow to bring in new merchandise.”
Most large cosmetic wholesalers on the internet sell in bigger lots of 250 pieces, 500 pieces at a time or more. To gain a leg up on that competition and to cater to a different market segment, Maksymiuk sells his wholesale lots in boxes of 25, 50, 75 or 100 pieces.
“This allows customers to get a better price per piece and allows them to buy in quantities that suit their needs. Not everyone has a use for 250 or 500 units at a time.”

Since much of his business is conducted with overseas customers, the merchandise needs to be cost-effective to ship as well. Offering them in smaller lots allows for smaller shipping costs and low invoice amounts that can be more convenient for overseas clients who are dealing with clearing the products through customs.
“It’s also important to keep the weight down. Some lots that are too heavy in nail polish for example can be too expensive to ship overseas, preventing my customers from making their own profit on the items.”

To increase sales and to offset some of these shipping and customs costs his overseas customers face, Maksymiuk offers promotions in the form of discounts for his wholesale clients. Today, his business thrives from approximately 60% retail sales and 40% wholesale sales.

Positioning oneself within the market and differentiating oneself form the competition is a challenge all retailers face – whether online or in a brick and mortar business. To address this challenge, Maksymiuk tries to “package and decorate [his] home-made beauty products attractively so customers feel they are getting a greater value.” Presenting the items attractively physically and price-wise both contribute to an item’s success.
“I also try to price competitively. I research what items are selling for on other reseller’s websites and price myself somewhere in between. You don’t have to be the cheapest one out there, but you have to outwardly show that you provide great service and are a reliable source,” which he achieves with the help of his professionally designed websites.

Maksymiuk believes that other than pricing and product presentation, an equally important factor in generating sales is the quality of an online reseller’s website. “At first, I decided to cut costs and build my own website. I quickly realized that it didn’t look the way I wanted so I hired someone else to do it for me.” Often times, investing some capital up front to set up a professional online storefront and shopping cart will go a long way towards ensuring the success of an online business.
“You should try outsourcing through I found my designer there who designed both my websites for a reasonable fee, allowing me to focus my time and efforts on actually selling the product rather than designing a framework to display it.”

He also says he specifically set up his websites to accept Credit Card payments directly through the shopping cart or Paypal to stream-line the purchasing process for his customers and make it easy to sell worldwide with the click a mouse.

Over years of growing his business in the online cosmetics industry, Maksymiuk has learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t, and about how to have realistic expectations about the potential returns on an investment. “This isn’t an easy business method but if you’re determined and you love what you do, you get past the obstacles and find ways to make it work.” His best advice to new sellers getting started in this business is to “sit down and think about whether this is really the business you want to have.”

He describes that there will be lots of ups and downs and in order to stick with it, you’ll need to be sure what you are selling is 100% “your thing.” If you don’t love what you sell, you can get burned out and discouraged much more easily. He advises readers to “remember that an item is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. If people are willing to pay only a few percent of the item’s original value, the fact that you purchased it at 10% of its value doesn’t necessarily mean that it will sell at a profit. It’s important to keep a long-term view and to realize that profits come with volume of sales.”

He stresses that one should “be patient. If you love what you’re doing your business will grow even after the toughest times – maybe slower than you thought, but it will grow. Just stick with it.”

At this time, Maksymiuk’s businesses act as secondary sources of income to his full time job. “We’re planning to change it in a year or two. We want to make sure that we keep meeting our goals and if that happens, we’ll focus solely on making, buying and of course selling beauty products.”

Visit and to see what’s for sale with Jacek Maksymiuk!

Introducing in Spanish! Introduciendo en Espanol!

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Via Trading is now introducing the largest Spanish language wholesale liquidations website on the internet!!

Featuring the following, all in Spanish! :

  • Hundreds of product descriptions

  • Shipping information

  • Industry resources

  • A list of Southern California flea markets

  • Liquidation services and information

  • Via Trading news & events

  • and more!

Visit to visit the site and fee free to email any feedback to!

Ahora introduciendo en Espanol! (

El sitio mas grande en el internet para mayoristas y liquidadores!

Ahora esta disponible totalmente en espanol para su conveniencia.

Visite el sitio para ver:

  • Actualizaciones de productos

  • Noticias y eventos

  • Recursos de informacion

  • Informacion sobre envios

  • Consejos y sugerencias para la venta de mercancia

  • y mucho mas!

Visite a hoy!

Informacion en Espanol!!

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Quienes somos y que hacemos?

Via Trading Corporation fue fundada en el 2002.

Via Trading es un mayorista de productos que se especializa en la venta de mercancía liquidada, “overstock” (no se vendió en la tienda) y devoluciones de tienda. Utilizamos muchas conexiones con tiendas de menudeo,  manufactures, compañías de aseguranza y tiendas que se han ido a la bancarrota, para proveer a nuestros clientes con una variedad de productos a precios especiales.

Nuestras compras en volumen nos permite ahorrar dinero y ese descuento se lo pasamos a nuestros clientes. Precios especiales y variedad de productos nos ayuda a crear un local que tiene algo para todos.

Siempre habiendo tenido una vista a plazo largo, nuestra meta es establecer una relación a plazo largo con nuestros clientes.

Podemos mandar nuestros productos por todo el país a precios muy competitivos y también podemos exportar por casi todo el mundo. Somos miembros orgullosos del “Better Business Bureau” con una calificación de “A”, y hemos sido reconocidos por tres años seguidos por “Inc. 500” como una de las compañías que ha crecido más. También hemos aparecido en NBC, ABC, Univision, y Forbes Magazine.

Nuestra meta es complacer a todos nuestros clientes, grandes o chicos y siempre seremos honestos y sinceros. Estamos orgullosos de la rapidez y calidad de nuestro servicio. Siempre contestamos correos electrónicos de una manera rápida y eficiente y siempre podrá hablar con un representante si nos habla por teléfono durante nuestras horas de trabajo.

La mayoría de tiendas de departamento o tiendas grandes tienen programas para liquidar productos que ya no quieren vender en sus tiendas. Estos productos incluyen: retornos, modelos de tienda, modelos descontinuados y producto que no se vendió.

Por favor visite nuestra página de recursos para más información acerca de este tipo de productos.

Siempre bienvenimos llamadas telefónicas, visitas en persona o correos electrónicos por si tiene preguntas o comentarios.

También apreciaríamos cualquier opinión que usted tenga acerca de nuestra página de web o el contenido. Puede mandar sus comentarios a

Información de Contacto

Domicilio: 2520 Industry Way, Lynwood CA 90262 Tel: 1-323-214-8914
Tel Gratis 1-877-202-3616
Fax Gratis 1-877-677-5975
Tel Intl: +323-214-8914
Fax Intl: +323-214-8936

Correo Electrónico:

Horas de Operación: lunes – Viernes de 7AM a 7PM y Sábados de 9AM a 5PM

Congratulations to the Winners!!

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Another successful Monthly Raffle at Via Trading yesterday!! 3 winners celebrated their winnings and walked away with 2 pallets of merchandise and a flat screen TV!

Remember that any order you place with us during the month enters you to win a prize in our monthly raffle! You must be present on the 4th Thursday of every month at 4 pm to win!! Raffle days are also loaded with special prices on merchandise all day long, and delicious $1 tacos before and during the raffle drawing. If you are considering visiting our warehouse, the raffle days are a great time!!

Just in!! Grade A Branded Jeans!

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Just in!! Grade A Branded Jeans!! If you’re looking for fast sellers and well known brand names, check out this new offer- available in cases of 25, bins of 100 and pallets of 400. Something for every budget, sure to do well in virtually any sales channel!

Brands include but not limited to: AG, American Eagle, Baccini, Belle Sport, Blue Asphalt, Calvin Klein, Cherokee, Cooper Key, Culture, DKNY, Eddie Bauer, Gap, Gloria Vanderbilt, Guess, Haba Jeans, Hydraulic, J Crew, J. Jill, Kenneth Cole, Lee, Legendary Gold, Lei, Levi’s, Limited Too, Liz Claiborne, Luella, Michael Kors, Midd, New York Jeans, Old Navy, Paris Blues, Quicksilver, Ralph Lauren, Rampage, Refuge, Riders, Seven 7, Wet Seal & more!

New Wholesale Lots of Licensed DISNEY Items!!

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

No matter what their resale channel, liquidation buyers love new branded and/or licensed items! They’re easy to sell, their name speaks for itself and they are typically great money-makers.

Check this out– Via Trading has just received a new shipment of Licensed DISNEY merchandise that is sure to make a killing for any retail (or even wholesale) outlet. We love working with these types of  items because we can tell you with confidence that they will do well for you.

The particular wholesale lots we have at the moment include  a variety of electronic accessories from mobile phone and ipod socks to earphones, camera cases and audio kits – you can’t go wrong with this stuff!

Click on the images below to pull up the information, details and pricing on the items of  your choice:

Wholesale Lot of 100 Licensed Disney Electronic Accessories - Hannah Montana, Camp Rock and High School Musical 3!

Wholesale Lot of 100 Licensed Disney Electronic Accessories - Hannah Montana, Camp Rock and High School Musical 3!

Wholesale Lot of 48 units of High School Musical 3 Audio Kit Music Packs

Wholesale Lot of 48 units of High School Musical 3 Audio Kit Music Packs

Wholesale Lots of 48 units of Licensed CAMP ROCK Audio/Music Accessories!

Wholesale Lots of 48 units of Licensed CAMP ROCK Audio/Music Accessories!

Wholesale Lot of 48 pieces of Licensed HANNAH MONTANA Audio kits/Music Accessories!

Wholesale Lot of 48 pieces of Licensed HANNAH MONTANA Audio kits/Music Accessories!